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Swimming Pool Safety Fence

We offer both Pool Guard Swimming Pool Fences & Plastica Rollaway Swimming Pool Fences to help in ensuring the safety of Children & Pets around the swimming pool area when you do not want them to use the pool.

Swimming Pool Safety using Pool Guard Swimming Pool Fence or Plastica Rollaway Swimming Pool Fence should be foremost in your mind when building or installing your swimming pool. Although statistically very few children drown in private pools it is every parent's or grandparent's nightmare. Installing Pool Guard Swimming Pool Fence can help prevent any unspeakable accidents happening by ensuring that your swimming pool has a high level of safety features.

Swimming Pool fences, commonly known as swimming pool safety fencing or pool fences, are the best form of a 'passive protection babysitter' any home with a swimming pool can have. Installing removable mesh fencing can be a child lifesaver by protecting against accidental drowning of children, toddlers, baby and even pets.

Pool fences are also known as a 'baby gates' or 'pool barriers' for swimming pools. The relevance is obvious; a baby or toddler is most susceptible to drowning if no safety pool barrier is there to prevent them from falling in. Swimming-pool baby gates should have a self-locking gate lock mechanism which is up to international safety standards. Removable mesh fencing can be temporary, is nearly transparent, protects your swimming pool better than an electronic alarm, and with aluminium construction, will be maintenance free for years.

Pool Fencing For Added Swimming Pool Safety: Fence Features

SEE-THROUGH MESH: Pool Guard Fencing offers a durable textilene mesh, available in black only and placed with a black pole every 36 inches. This mesh is the strongest manufactured in today's market and is rip-proof, mildew-proof, fade and shrink-proof. Pool Guard swimming pool fencing mesh is manufactured with a post every 36 inches for added strength. Our pool fence has the first mesh ever manufactured solely for pool safety fence use. It comes as Black Mesh With Black Poles to offer the most see-through visibility.
QUAD-CORE POLES: Simply the strongest extruded poles and the safest ever. Pool Guard's Fence poles are engineered to provide maximum strength. The pool fencing poles are spaced 3ft apart on each section. Poles are available in black.
SLEEVES: Custom designed, high impact, non-conductive sleeves will not corrode.
MATCHING DECK CAPS: to insert into the sleeves when the pool fencing is taken down.
CHILD-PROOF SAFETY LATCHES: are made of stainless steel so they will not rust or corrode and will last under any conditions.
Magna-Latch Lock, probably the world's most famous safety fence gate lock is fitted with every EASY ACCESS GATE: We offer a convenient self-closing, self-latching gate which is key-lockable for added protection with matching fence to gate frame. The Pool Guard Swimming Pool Fence Gate with Magna-Latch Safety Fence Gate Lock can be placed anywhere you like for easy access to the pool area.

Pool Guard swimming pool fencing is designed to provide you with the strongest materials and long-lasting protection with little or no maintenance.

Pool Guard Swimming Pool fences can be installed to follow pool contours, as well as patio and lawns.

Pool Guard Swimming Pool Fences have removable sections so the fence can be partially removed in only a few minutes. However, we recommend pool fencing should never be taken down when children are present. Swimming pool fencing is never a substitute for adult supervision. Please supervise your swimming pool when children are present.

Swimming Pool Safety Fence Swimming Pool Safety Fence