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Removable Pool Fence

All Guardian removable pool fences can be installed on your pool deck and customized for the lawn or planter areas in your back yard.

Holes in the masonry surfaces are drilled precisely -- with diamond-core bits -- to prevent chipping or cracking of your pool deck surface. In most cases, our removable pool fences can also be installed into a wooden deck or into your lawn/planter area.

Guardian's removable pool fence installs non-conductive HDPE plastic sleeves in the deck, meeting the National electrical codes.

Removable Pool Fence Removable Pool Fence

Guardian removable pool fences are available in three different heights: 4 foot, 4 1/2 foot and 5 foot. Our 4-foot and 4-foot-high barriers come with pole spacings of either 30 inches or 36 inches. The 5-foot-high barriers are only available with 30-inch pole spacing.

Guardian's removable pool fence poles are reinforced marine grade T-6 aluminum. The available pole colors we stock are black, brown, green, gray, beige or plain aluminum (silver).

You can pick from two different mesh fabrics for your removable pool fences:
Our best-quality fabric is our INTERLOCKING mesh (the most-transparent mesh) and comes in five decorator colors! -- black, brown, green, beige or white. Our standard mesh fabric (Guardtex) comes in black (only) for maximum transparency.

Guardian removable pool fences also come in a wide selection of colors for the border materials such as black, gray, brown, green, beige or white.

Given all the possible combinations of heights, mesh material and border colors, we now produce over 80 different models of removable pool fences!

We happily provide you with the best selection of removable pool fences to make happy customers!