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Starsh Pool Fence is designed to provide you and your children and pets with an added layer of protection of safety in and around open water areas. Starsh Pool Fence is made form the strongest nylon mesh on the market and can withstand years of use. The material is also UV treated and will not fade in our Arizona climate.

See Through
The woven vinyl material is available in three colors black, beige and our most popular chocolate brown, and is rated with a tensile strength of 270 lbs. per inch making it impossible to rip under normal use. It is then hemmed on all four sides by a reinforced vinyl material with a rating of 387 lbs. to prevent sagging and provide the necessary tension to insure the fence's integrity for its intended purpose both at the top and bottom. This netting material is extremely transparent, much like sunscreens on your windows and doors. Therefore allowing maximum visibility and at the same time not obscuring desert or mountain views.

Unlike permanent barriers, such as metal and wrought iron fences, Starsh Pool Fence is 100% removable and easily reinstall. This is an extra benefit for grandparents who do not need constant protection year round - only when the grandchildren are visiting. Custom floor caps are inserted into the pole holes when the fence is removed. Thus preventing any rocks and debris, as well as shoe heels from getting stuck in them.

Starsh Pool Fence constructed to require absolutely NO maintenance. It is especially designed to withstand fading, fire, mildew, soiling, and minimizing wear and tear. There will be no rusting of poles allowing the fence to look as good as the day it was purchased.

We are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on our fences.