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Aluminum Pool Fencing

Aluminum fence offers a combination of beauty, strength, and durability. It is THE easiest fence for the do-it-yourself weekend warrior (DIY). It comes in many styles, heights, colors and grades. It is the most user friendly and popular selection of fence today. Aluminum fence complements your beautiful landscape while adding long-term value to your home. We have been selling and exporting fencing. Starsh is your experienced and professional choice in supplying and installing aluminum fences and pool fences.

Ornamental aluminum fencing has many uses and many advantages over other types of fence. Aluminum fence comes in a variety of grades ranging from residential to commercial and even industrial strength. The grades are:

  1. Residential grade: 5/8" x 5/8" x .050 pickets
  2. Residential wide grade: 5/8" x 1" x .050 pickets
  3. Commercial grade: 3/4" x 3/4" x .050 pickets
  4. Industrial grade: 1" x 1" x .065 pickets

The most popular applications are pool fence and backyard fence. It is used by homeowners, apartment communities, commercial businesses and governments throughout the nation. It is a truly maintenance free fence that carries a lifetime warranty against rust, chipping and cracking. It is lighter in weight than traditional steel fence (commonly called "wrought iron"). It comes in fully assembled panels is the easiest fence to install of all the major fence types (wood, vinyl, chainlink, steel and aluminum). It can easily be configured into any shape and can follow very steep grades. It can be easily adapted to fit stairs and provide railings for decks and even balconies.
Aluminum fence comes in so many colors and combinations that it is typically manufactured on an order by order basis. For example there are over 2,100 different standard panels and over 4,000 gate combinations. We stock the most popular 8-10 types of fence at our Loveland facility. We have the ability to ship these orders the next day in most cases. We can offer this quick ship capability throughout the lower 48 states. In most cases we have the ability to deliver in stock items within 8-10 business days or less anywhere throughout the lower forty eight. If the material you are requesting is not in stock then it will typically take from 3-4 weeks to receive your order depending on the panels and gates ordered, the time of year and your location.
Starsh is the premier ornamental aluminum fence supplier. While there are other less expensive methods of finishing aluminum, baked enamel offers the best performing, longest lasting finish in the industry today.

No longer is high securityHigh Security Fences

We have installed over seventy thousand feet of razor wire. Selected by our nations largest military bases and nuclear power plants, AmeriFence Corporation is the contractor of choice when it comes to high security applications. We have protected more correctional facilities, courthouses and power plants than any other contractor in the Midwest.
just chain link fence and razor wire. Today's facilities request grenade doors, hydraulic crash barriers and bollards, anti-terrorist floppy fences and delay doors as the new standard for maintaining security and keeping people either in or out.

Aluminum Pool Fencing Aluminum Pool Fencing